06 April 2012

Running a Maze-Sensor-LESS

The joy in swarm robotics is that many cheap robots can run together to achieve a goal. These "cheap" robots do not have many complex sensors and cameras because each receives information from the other, or does a separate task. One may have a camera to relay positions. The other merely as wheels, yet acts as checkpoints. The third will have simple claws to grab things. Alone, they are useless; together they are a remarkable team.
See THIS video to understand what I am talking about.

Why the nice intro? Well, it was a segway to my project I just completed. It is comprised of two robots: 1 with a UltraSonic sensor, 1 sensor-less. The first completes the maze, all the while sending information to the clone robot about movements and turns. Then, the clone runs it, no problems. See for yourself:

Here is a pic of the robot with the US sensor. If you see my previous post, you can see the clone (it is the same model).

The code for this project is available HERE
That about wraps it up. Till my next project.

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