22 June 2009

Bristle Bot

This is a cool little machine that I found just browsing the web. I hope to make this soon. Everything I'm describing here is from http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php?story=bristlebot, so I take no credit for this. Basically, you take a toothbrush head, a dc motor, and a battery. You put it all together and voila!

21 June 2009

People's Choice Challenge

There is an interesting new challenge at MINDSTORMS.com. You get to make your own challenge, and if you win, your challenge will be the next challenge hosted on MINDSTORMS.com. Cool, huh?I've entered the contest with my Rafflet Ticket Robot. It is still pending approval. Right now, I'll post my video of it.

03 February 2009

Video Challenge

As many of you may already know, the Mindstorms NXTLog has a new video challenge. This contest should guarantee many innovative robots. This challenge also has diferent criteria for which robots will get an award or not. "Fan Favorite", is a new one which is based off the ratings for the robot given by other NXTLogsters. Have a fun time building for this challenge!

29 January 2009

Great Minds Think Alike

As I become more familiar with blogging, I begin to notice a few things. The main reason I started this Blog is because I was inspired by those who have their own websites, like bluetoothkiwi, and TheNXT Step. But then I realized that their website layout was similar to mine, and thus, figured out they were also made by bloggers. You can see their sites under the favorite links gadget on my sidebar. Great minds think alike!

28 January 2009

We're all newbies, at one time or another

Hey everyone who looks at this. This is my Blogger page for Mindstorms, so I can go above and beyond what the NXTLog has to offer me. Not that it doesn't though. But I'm only a newbie, just getting the hang of this webpage stuff. So in the meanwhile, here is the link to all projects related to me on the NXTLog. Here is some background stuff about me as a lego enthusiast. I have been playing with lego for about 5 years, but only about a year and a half with Mindstorms. I have won three honorable mentions on the NXTLog's competitions. Enjoy.