27 January 2010

Robotic Arm Challenge

This is the new challenge on the NXTLog that ends February 28, 2010. It has 4 categories.
  • JUST FOR FUN--A robot built for pure creative purposes.
  • DEGREES OF FREEDOM--How many degrees of freedom does your robot have? How many motors are used?
  • INDUSTRIAL--Does your robot perform a function that is used in industries?
  • BIONIC ARM--Is your robot suite for the human arm as an extension or replication of the arm itself?
This is an interesting challenge, as there are 2 main challenges: the industrial and bionic robots. The # of DoF's in a robot are a natural plus. I have built a robot and programmed a robot for this challenge, but I have yet to find the time to test it.

There is one project that to me, really stands out. If you have the time, I suggest checking out brdavis42's "PnP" on the NXTLog. A simple, clean, and quite efficient robot, this robot is a nice example to those who plant to build an industrial bot.

* All credit for info and movie of the PnP goes to brdavis42

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